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Charms for 2020 Mewe jewelry 0

Charms for the new year 2020 
  • Kate Liptom

Stunning Earrings 0

Stunning New Earrings  The Pisa earring is ideal for those who covet delicate jewellery.  Featuring a petite gemstone which hangs from a high polis...
  • Kate Liptom
Why silver tarnishes

Why silver tarnishes 0

Why silver tarnishes Silver tarnishes because of oxidisation – but it is not caused by oxygen exposure. Tarnish develops due to the presence o...
  • Kate Liptom

Sterling silver swarovski jewelry - Blog 0

Sterling silver Jewellery We are loving the new Sterling silver Swarovski Gem jewellery in stock now - No other stone gives so much shine and glitt...
  • Kate Lipton
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