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Silver Charms - Fashion and style

Silver Charms - Fashion and style 0

Silver Charms

Charms have been in fashion since the ages. It has been every young girl’s desire. It is a nostalgic feel for any adult remembering gifting charms to friends to add on to their bracelets and vice-versa. This feeling is priceless and now can be enjoyed by adults as well to relive the nostalgia. The charm bracelets are now in fashion for adults as well. But for ladies, a simple charm doesn’t do enough. So from we bring for all the lovely ladies out there a bit of charm with the hint of classy; we present to you our range of silver charms.

Our silver charms online are of impeccable quality and are at a price to beat. We have a collection of charms in all shapes and sizes. We have a line of the most popular silver charms as well which are heartthrob among the ladies. We cater to all - from the girls loving animals to the ones who always dream of finding true love. We even have charms with encrusted stones of all colour or sizes. We make sure no girl is left behind in completing her charm bracelet.

For all you choosy ones we even have an option of custom charms. Yes, you all lovely people! You can customize your own charm and build your charm bracelet or necklace. You can get your sun sign or name customized or whatever fancies you. Your wish is our command. We can craft anything that makes you happy and satisfied.

silver charmssilver charmssilver charmssilver charmssilver charmssilver charms

We particularly use sterling silver for our charms to keep them in top quality and protect them from wearing off. To us, customer satisfaction is the top priority. We at make sure that no detail on our work is ignored and our customers get one of a kind of a product. Our charms are a perfect fit for Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Michael hill or any 4.5 mm European sterling silver Bracelet.

These silver charms make the best-personalised gift item for a loved one. You can gift it to your best friend or your sister to show your love towards them. It can be like old times where you can build your charm bracelets with the beautiful collection from A charm can speak a thousand words to express how you feel for your loved one. We have everyone covered under our charm collection- we have something for your elegant friend and even something for that quirky friend of yours who always made you smile. We love to see the girl gang back in action and we plan to serve the right set of jewellery in order to do so.

Our testimonials speak for our work. Our maximum clientele is from word of mouth publicity. We take pride in our quick delivery system and our guarantee system for our product. Our clients have loved our designs and have always come back for more. Due to the continuous support of our clients, we get our encouragement to bring sometimes new and fascinating to charm you all.


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Pandora charms or NOT

Pandora charms or NOT 0

Pandora charms or NOT

For the longest time, Pandora has had the market to themselves. But in recent years I believe they have become the charm that symbolises greed within a company. pandora charms are indeed made in Thailand for the reason that labour is cheaper in a country like Thailand and China. so why does the charm company charge so much for its product . its simple the bottom line in profits. let's face the facts there are many companies out their now making and selling Quality charms for half the price. and the quality is no different. But if the ALE logo means more than the price tag well I guess paying the extra must seem worth the price . for me I would rather have two charms for the price I would pay for one pandora and forget about the stamp 
silver charms
silver charmssilver charms
charms at Mewe-jewelry
Silver Charms - Sterling silver charms - Mewe-jewelry

Silver Charms - Sterling silver charms - Mewe-jewelry 0

Silver charms 

Silver Charm bracelets are beautiful, delightful gifts that can last a lifetime, expanding with new pieces of jewellery to mark special occasions. For centuries custom silver charm bracelets have been popular with women (and some men) from a wide range of cultures, age groups and social classes – with treasured pieces of jewellery frequently being passed from mother to daughter to granddaughter. see more silver charms

silver charmssilver charmssilver charms

Power of purple | jewelry @ mewe-jewelry 0

Power of purple

Perfect power of purple silver jewellery simple but perfect silver rings 

Necklaces and Earrings all with the purple power 


silver jewelry

Silver Rings @ mewe-jewelry Blog 0


Silver Rings @ mewe-jewelry

Silver Rings

Silver rings - Add a sophisticated finishing touch to any outfit with this elegant women's ring. The sterling silver material has a bright, shiny finish that will always be in style. The unique quality of this beautiful radiant-cut ring enhances your individual style. more at mewe-jewelry 


Buy silver earrings

sterling silver rings @ Mewe-jewelry 0

Sterling silver rings

Sterling Silver Sparkling Love Heart Ring. Add a sophisticated finishing touch to any outfit with this elegant women's ring. The sterling silver material has a bright, shiny finish that will always be in style. The unique quality of this beautiful radiant-cut ring enhances your individual style.




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