Tote Handbag - Funny Monkey Classic Tote Bag

Tote Handbag - Funny Monkey Classic Tote Bag

Product Description

Tote Handbag

Funny Monkey Classic Tote Bag
* 22.93 Oz. Made from high-grade waterproof fabric, durable, water-resistant.
* Dimensions: 45.7cm x 38cm x 17.8cm.
* One main compartment, big enough to bring a purse, cosmetic case, sunglasses, etc.
* Constructed with interior pockets all the way around, small items easy to find.
* Comfortable and sturdy faux leather portable belt.
Production and Delivery Time Estimates: 10-18 Days (With DHL Destination Tracking)

Vendor : Made To Order
$69.99 AUD   

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